The production and marketing of citrus fruits was carried on by his father “Don Peppino” and, from the age of six, Roberto followed him for the citrus groves, handed down to his brother Carmelo and subsequently Roberto continued, expanding the marketing network among the Italian markets also with the home delivery to customers who ordered citrus crates through direct contact. The marketing of citrus fruits generally takes place almost year-round: Lemons, Navel Oranges, Taroccos, common and late Mandarins, together with Clementines and other varieties of summer oranges such as Valencias and Oval oranges, which are harvested, selected and shipped within a few days to maintain post-harvest freshness, without the use of pesticides or other products that can affect the naturalness making them completely edible.

The season begins in October with the harvest of the Navel oranges, and the Interdonato lemon, already a Slow Food presidium for its particular organoleptic characteristics, a citrus fruit that was about to be extinguished. In December the harvest continue with the Tarocco oranges, clementines, and common mandarins, while in February we begin the harvest of the late Ciaculli mandarins, also a Slow Food presidium. In April and May the Valencia and Oval oranges make their entrance on stage, so-called summer oranges because of the good eating and squeezing, excellent for the hot climate due to the richness in vitamins and mineral salts; everything is surrounded by Primofiore lemons with the harvest taking place between December and April, to conclude with the Verdello lemon between June and September (Verdello because of the particularity of having a green colored peel), with a very concentrated and fragrant juice.

Citrus fruits for all tastes all year long.